Old mange-ridden dog rescued at last after a years on a short chain (hard to see)

Old dog badly abused and neglected rescued at last

Words can’t really describe the emotions on seeing this dog rescue. This poor dog has suffered so patiently probably for most of his/her life and on a short chain. It is a horrible and hurtful thought. Anyone with a heart will be hurt is seeing …

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Queen Camilla’s hand embroidered coronation gown included her 2 dogs but at what cost?

Camilla's coronation gown

NEWS AND OPINION: Queen Camilla’s coronation dress was hand embroidered and it included two dogs as you can see in the photo above. They were included as a tribute to her to rescue dogs. They are both Jack Russell Terriers and their names are Beth …

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Dog walkers are more at risk of serious injury when using a long lead

Short leads are safer and better

A study has found that dog walkers should use short leads when walking their dog to minimise the possibility of injury to themselves and their dog. They’ve revealed a link between traumatic brain injuries in people walking their dog and long leads. Brain injuries were …

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More than 50% of Dobermans suffer from dilated cardiomyopathy

Ben the vet and the Dobermann of which if which more than 50% suffer from a serious heart disease

Ben the vet on TikTok tells us that during his work he saw a Doberman Pinscher drop dead in front of his eyes. He said that it is enough by itself to not adopt a Dobermann (an alternative spelling). He found it traumatic. To an …

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Picture of a boy praying with his dog lifts the spirit

Photo of a dog praying with a boy

In a sombre world where many things are happening which can make us anxious and despondent such as the pandemic and the Ukraine war, we need this kind of photograph to lift our spirits and remind ourselves that there is a lot of good stuff …

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Banning specific dog breeds or focusing on responsible dog ownership?

Pitbull dog

Nathan Winograd has been strongly arguing for some time now that it is immoral and ineffective to ban certain dog breeds and instead the focus should be on dog caregiving and ensuring that it is responsible so that individual dogs behave in an acceptable way. …

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Enterprising woman carries her 52-pound Samoyed dog in a backpack on NYC subway

52-pound dog carried in backpack on NYC subway

This enterprising woman, Jackie Hornung, carries her 52-pound white Samoyed dog in a backpack to beat the NYC subway rules which state: “No person may bring any animal on our into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.” – MTA. A lot of …

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Brad Pitt has prosopagnosia a neurological disorder causing face blindness and, by the way, he loves dogs and is vegan

Brad Pitt

NEWS AND OPONION: Brad Pitt has prosopagnosia, a neurological disorder. It’s not been officially diagnosed but he says that he has the condition. He also says that nobody believes him. So, what is prosopagnosia? I should say by the way that he loves dogs and …

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