34 percent rise in dog attacks against humans causing injury in the UK (15 percent increase in dog numbers)

Sarah a postal worker lost the end of her little finger in a dog attack

This was on the news on television the other night. The BBC reported that there has been a 34% increase in recorded dog attacks against people causing injury. The figure does not include attacks by dog-on-dog and other animals. It’s a worrying trend because although …

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Out-of-control dog drives 28 lambs to their deaths in a stream

Nicola Robinson found the lambs dead in a stream in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, UK

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a story about the need for dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead in areas where livestock are nearby. And I think, too, it might be linked to rampant dog adoptions during Covid-19 by people who really were …

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The catastrophe of irresponsible dog purchases during Covid and the consequences

Dogs 4 Rescue Manchester

I have just been listening to the Clive Bull’s radio show on LBC and he was speaking with Stan Rawlinson, one of the UK’s best-known dog behaviourists who painted a black picture of the current situation regarding dog ownership in the UK. He said that …

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