Duck likes to surf alongside people on the Gold Coast

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Duck loves to surf ar Rainbow Bay, Queensland, Australia
Duck loves to surf ar Rainbow Bay, Queensland, Australia

Duck loves to surf at Rainbow Bay, Queensland, Australia. Screenshot.

This is a very unlikely surfer who has taken to the waves like a duck takes to water! A duck, whose name is Duck, is making waves in Australia because they’ve been filmed surfing alongside human companions on the Gold Coast. He/she takes a daily dip at Rainbow Bay in the Queensland Resort. Duck was adopted last March. Duck’s owners, Kate Miller and her son Tom, 16, said that they enjoyed watching people on the beach noticing how expert Duck is at surfing. This cute duck brings joy to people she said. As you can see in the video Duck normally lets the waves carry them along like a true surfer. Sometimes Duck hops onto a surfboard and even onto the surfboard of Stephanie Gilmore, the world champion surfer who lives in the area. So Duck will steal anyone’s board if it’s available. As you can imagine Duck was hand reared by Ms Miller from six hours old which is why he is so beautifully socialised to humans and human activity. Remarkably, he even knows when it is time to go to the surf because Ms Miller has just put on her sunscreen which he can smell. How about that!?

Surfing Duck


‘Duck’ will be one in March and loves to surf.

He goes out swimming with his owner Kate, at Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast and surfs back in solo, waiting on the beach for his ‘mum’.

‘Duck’ has become quite the local identity and while he’s happy to have people Pekin 🤣 and taking his picture, he prefers not to be patted.

Holidaymaker Sally Eeles noted that he likes to chase seagulls up the sand and snap at the heels of his teenage brother Tom who’s an avid human surfer (and penny-farthing riding champion).

📷 : Sally Eeles

Posted by ABC Sunshine Coast on Tuesday, January 19, 2021


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