Lionesses dash home to their dogs and avoid waiting fans at Heathrow

Fans of the Lionesses wait at Heathrow in vain to see their heroes arrived back from Australia. The picture is in the public domain in my view.

The woman’s England football team, called the Lionesses, are glad to be home and reunited with their companion animals which, in the case of Millie Bright, the captain, and the forwards Chloe Kelly and Rachel Daly means dog companions. They’ve posted pictures on their Instagram …

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Lost sailor, Tim Shaddock, says poignant goodbye to the dog who kept him sane but is he lying to himself?

OPINION: You have probably read about Tim Shaddock and his dog, Bella, who he adopted before going on an improbable voyage across the Pacific which went badly wrong leaving him stranded at sea for two months, lost, with his dog Bella who kept him sane. …

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German Shepherd’s unsuitable for the White House unless specifically trained and socialised as Biden’s dogs have bitten staff


President Joe Biden loves German Shepherds (GSD). But, arguably, the German Shepherd breed of dog is unsuited to life at the White House unless specifically trained to deal with it. This may be indicated by the fact that both of Pres Joe Biden’s German shepherds, …

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Is Doberman ear cropping legal and how do they do it?

Is Doberman ear cropping legal?

This is a complicated question because the law varies on a country-by-country basis and there may be variations in the law at a state or perhaps county level in some countries such as the USA. In general terms, in the UK it is illegal for …

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