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Wuhan market where Covid started

Where did Covid start? Latest news 2022.

The first news on where Covid-19 started was the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. It is a large market where seafood and animals other than seafood were sold. There were a variety of live wild...

Monkeypox virus on the left

Dog owner gives monkeypox to their dog

In the first case of its kind, scientists have reported on a couple living on Staten Island, New York City, who gave their dog monkeypox by sleeping with the companion animal. It is reported...

Horseshoe bat in UK carries Covid-like virus

Covid-like virus RhGB01 found in British bats

A new coronavirus which is similar to Covid-19 and which has been labelled RhGB01 has been found in British bats by Ivana Murphy a University of East Anglia student while working on her dissertation....