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Dwarf giraffe

Dwarf giraffes of Namibia and Uganda

There are dwarf giraffes in Uganda and Namibia. Most giraffes grow to between 4.5 and 6 metres in height. In a study published on the British Medical Journal website the Giraffe Conservation Foundation have...

Spotted hyena

Do hyenas eat humans?

There’s a story on the Internet which answers the question in the title: ‘Hyenas devour man in attack at his home’. Yes, hyenas do sometimes eat humans. In this instance, in Zimbabwe, officials are...

Somali elephant shrew

Somali elephant shrew is not extinct

A rather cute, mouse-like creature with a long, flexible snout, which can propel itself to speeds of 20 mph with its tiny legs and which is called the Somali elephant shrew is not extinct...