Wolves have bigger brains than dogs but more recent selective breeding has counteracted this

Brain size of dogs

A recent study has come to the conclusion that the domestication of the wolf reduced the brain size of dogs which is understandable because domestic dogs nearly always have everything done for them. They don’t need to face the challenges that wolves have to face. …

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Dogs act as if they understand certain human intentions (‘theory of mind’)

Dogs act as if they understand certain human intentions

A study conducted by lead scientist Dr. Christoph Völter and colleagues at the University of Vienna, came to the conclusion that dogs might have a “theory of mind”. The concept of “theory of mind” concerns the human capacity (and exceedingly rarely the capacity of animals) …

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“Intelligent dogs are not nicer pets” says scientist investigating canine intelligence

Intelligent dogs are not nicer pets

Katriina Tiira of the University of Helsinki is leading the largest study on canine cognitive ability. The study has not been completed. It is work in progress and therefore there is no report as yet. But Katriina and her team have already assessed about 5,000 …

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