Horses can tell when we are happy or sad by our facial expression and voice

Horses recognise when we are happy or sad

A scientific study recently published online conducted by researchers from the University of Turku in Finland, concluded that horses can distinguish between the human facial expressions of sadness and joy and they can combine that visual appreciation with the sound of our voice. The study …

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Queen Elizabeth II’s passion for horses started when she touched a horse’s neck

Queen's passion for horses started when she touched a horse's neck

In a new book which marks Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne, Sir Michael Morpurgo explains the origin of her lifelong love for horses. Sir Michael Morpurgo is a children’s author and he was having lunch at Buckingham Palace. He sat next to …

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Horse does not want to be ridden and pretends to be dead. Why?

Horse plays dead every time I want to ride him

This TikTok video begs the question as to whether horses like being ridden. It seems to me that the average person almost automatically believes that horses like to be ridden because we see so much of it. Because we don’t see horses rejecting their riders …

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