Infographic on ‘Why do we call professional riders jockeys?’

Why are pro riders called jockeys

Remarkably the evolution of the word ‘jockey’ to identify a professional horse rider took just 4 major steps according to my source excluding the ancient source. And they are pretty clean, identifiable steps. Of course, it is the English language. English speakers shouldn’t forget that …

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Infographic on the names to describe various types of horse

Infographic on names to describe various types of horse.

This is an Infographic on the names to describe various types of horse. I found researching this interesting. I am indebted to Desmond Morris, the author of the book HORSEWATCHING. The Infographic is deliberately compressed tremendously in terms of the information provided as there is …

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Are King’s Guard ceremonial horses trained to bite interfering tourists?

Horse guard bites tourist. Are they trained to do this?

I have seen quite a few videos of King’s Guard ceremonial horses, such as the horse carrying a Blues and Royals soldier, and another on Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, London, gently biting tourists while they capture their precious selfies in front of the horse and …

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