Scabies on the increase in the UK possibly because of pseudo-resistance


This article is about animals because multicellular eukaryotic organisms are animals and mites are within that definition. They are parasitic invertebrates. They burrow under the skin causing a tunnel with a raised surface and develop into blisters that spread across the body. The point of …

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Wriggling parasitic worm 8 cm long removed from woman’s brain

Parasitic worm discovered in woman's brain which she picked up from grass in New South Wales at a place where there were carpet pythons the usual host of this parasite

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA: This is an example of zoonosis which is a health problem of increasing concern for humans. A zoonosis is an infectious disease that has jumped from a non-human animal to humans. In this instance the disease takes the form of an endoparasite …

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Neolithic builders who constructed Stonehenge infected by parasitic worms from raw food

Neolithic builders of Stonehenge acquired intestinal parasites from raw or uncooked fish and meat

A recent study published Cambridge University Press has discovered that the Neolithic builders of Stonehenge suffered from endoparasites which they had contracted from the raw foods that they ate or the food was undercooked. The researchers analysed 19 samples of fossilised faeces in a “midden” …

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