Roman family lived with a dachshund-like dog 1,800 years ago in England

Illustration of tiny Roman dog based on the remains found at the site in south Oxfordshire

NEWS AND VIEWS: If you thought that small dogs were a modern concept you will have to think again after archaeologists working near one of South Oxfordshire’s most iconic landmarks, the Whittenham Clumps, unearthed the bones of a small dog which they have decided would …

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Neolithic builders who constructed Stonehenge infected by parasitic worms from raw food

Neolithic builders of Stonehenge acquired intestinal parasites from raw or uncooked fish and meat

A recent study published Cambridge University Press has discovered that the Neolithic builders of Stonehenge suffered from endoparasites which they had contracted from the raw foods that they ate or the food was undercooked. The researchers analysed 19 samples of fossilised faeces in a “midden” …

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Dogs are omnivores as confirmed by their Bronze Age diet

Bronze Age dogs buried as pets allowing scientists to analyse their bones to discover that they were vegans

A recent study found that when humans transferred from being hunter-gatherers to farming their pet dogs’ diet changed from meat to plant-based foods. When grey wolves first became domesticated and became domestic dogs they would have been eating meat almost exclusively but with the advent …

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