Risk of the Amazon jungle collapsing into Savannah or a degraded ecosystem

Amazon jungle at risk of converting to Savannah grassland

NEWS AND VIEWS: According to a study, it appears that the Amazoncould be heading towards a tipping point where a combination of events result in this great jungle of 400 billion trees collapsing into a grassy Savannah or a degraded ecosystem. The Times reports that …

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British supermarkets allegedly complicit in deforestation of Brazilian rainforest

Deforestation Brazil

Allegedly, British supermarkets are complicit in the deforestation of Brazilian rainforest because some of their supply chain products are linked with Brazilian mega-farms which destroy rainforest. And, their guilt appears to be silently admitted because some refuse to confirm or deny any links with the …

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Mobile phone tracking system detects illegal rainforest destruction for palm oil production

Burning rainforest in Sumatra to make way for palm oil plantations

Palm oil plantations are big business and its growing. To make the space for these plantations, businesses are cutting down rainforests; virgin forests which have been the home of many wild species for thousands of years. The palm oil industry kills wild cat species. Palm …

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