Orangutan asks zoo visitors for sweets and he’s smarter than the humans

My God, these humans are slow. The orangutan who is trying to direct them to hand over some sweets is smarter than the humans or at least in this episode he acts as if he is. The ape has it all worked out. He has a workable plan. The humans are fumbling their way forward. You want to shout to them, “Get on with it and make the fella happy!” It isn’t that hard.

Orangutan is smarter than the humans.

Note: this is an embedded video served by YouTube where it might be deleted on day.

It does remind us that apes are smart and we should never underestimate them and regard them an inferior. If we do that it is human arrogance talking and speciesism in action.

Orangutans are about as smart as 3–4-year-old kids. They are smarter than gorillas and the smartest primate other than humans. They are believed to be self-aware i.e. they can observe themselves objectively as they’ve passed the MSR test (mirror test). Orangutans like hugs just like humans. They can form strong emotional bonds with other orangutans.

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