PETA Germany doing great work to rescue cats and dogs from Ukraine

PETA Germany are working overtime to rescue cats and dogs from Ukraine. The official motto of PETA Germany is: “There’s no time to lose when animals need us”. Very apt for Ukraine today.

They’ve completed four missions and brought back hundreds of dogs and cats. They say that it is a tough journey with an icy road and the ever-present fear of being hit by shells or missiles. On the fourth mission they picked up 90 cats and dogs. Many of the animals have come from a shelter in Kyiv which as you can imagine represents a long journey because it is on the east of Ukraine. Ukrainian animal advocates are doing their bit in travelling more than 300 miles to bring them to safety.

A typical story from PETA concerns a couple of stray dogs who were together living on the streets of Lviv which fortunately is in the west, and as yet relatively untouched city. Their names are Mishka and Rouzha. Both were being looked after by a kind woman. When they were picked up by PETA Germany’s team, she was in tears both for the fact that she was saying goodbye to them and because they will now be in a loving home. What a wonderful woman she is. This is the kind of person I admire tremendously and more than any other.

Woman who looked after this dog on the streets of Lviv is pleased and sad at the same time as she hands him over to PETA

Woman who looked after this dog on the streets of Lviv is pleased and sad at the same time as she hands him over to PETA. The dog is Mishka. Photo: PETA.

In another picture we see a PETA employee surrounded by pet carriers and cages in a PETA facility with a cat loving her on her back. Another good picture.

On their third trip, as I understand it, they picked up 30 dogs and 35 cats in Ukraine and took them to the Polish border. They said that they will be either reunited with their guardians or adopted by loving families. I take the former to mean that they will be reunited with their owners who left the animals at a shelter in Ukraine. They say that fortunately most of the animals are in good health but they need veterinary care.

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These companion animals come from all over Ukraine, PETA tells us. They say that some have been abandoned and were tied to railings or in abandoned carriers. Animal advocate in Ukraine – local rescuers – brought them to Lviv to allow PETA Germany’s team to pick them up and transport them across the Polish border. Some of the animals are traumatised. One dog refused to eat.

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PETA has also arranged for a truck, carrying 44,000 pounds of pet food for cats and dogs, to travel to Odessa, the sea port on the Black Sea which is under fierce attack by the Russians. Clearly food for both people and animals is running out. I hope that the rescue mission got through.

The Russians are behaving so badly in targeting the vulnerable that it would not surprise me if they targeted this kind of rescue mission. It is reported in The Times that Russians aimed at mothers and babies in a maternity hospital in Mariupol. The hospital was blown up by a missile fired by a Russian aircraft. It must have been targeted. It has outraged world leaders and should result in even heavier sanctions against Russia. We see a pregnant woman on a stretcher being carried away from the devastated hospital with debris and chaos all around. It is horrific. It is the work of Putin.

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The Kremlin has admitted to using vacuum bombs and they say that its impact has been devastating. There is a real fear that Putin will use chemical weapons. He has put out fake news that America is working with Ukraine to create chemical weapons to attack Russia. This is a pretext for Russia to use chemical weapons against Ukraine. Putin and his cronies are serial liars and they control Russian television and have indoctrinated the majority of Russians with the fake notion that Ukraine is a threat to Russia when, in truth, they are passive and innocent victims of a brutal bully and megalomaniac.

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