Nurse says Putin has Parkinson’s or has had a stroke

Putin has Parkinson's
Putin has Parkinson’s. Screenshot.

A male nurse on TikTok has speculated that Vladimir Putin has Parkinson’s disease and his video has gone viral. He does say that he is a nurse and therefore can’t diagnose but, in his video, he shows Putin greeting the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Another one of those waxworks leaders. The nurse comments: “Nurses and medical professionals, I’m gonna show you a video and this is why we should be terrified”.

Here’s the video:

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He either thinks that Putin has Parkinson’s or has suffered from a stroke. He states that Parkinson’s is under the umbrella of dementia. It is a neurodegenerative disorder which affects movement. The symptoms begin gradually and tend to affect one side of the body more than the other.

The nurse states that when Putin begins to move to greet Mr Lukashenko his right leg moves in an irregular way indicating that his right side has been affected by Parkinson’s. And because Parkinson’s is linked to dementia, he thinks that Vladimir Putin is mentally unstable and sadly he has got the keys to nukes. Some experts are genuinely concerned that he might use nuclear bombs.

Other people have speculated that Putin has a puffy face which they say is symptomatic of being on steroids. As it happens, steroids have been suggested as a treatment for Parkinson’s. Also, it seems that a study has linked the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs to an increased risk of Parkinson’s.

Specifically, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a common nutraceutical and potent neuro-steroid has been suggested as a neuroprotective treatment for Parkinson’s. I’m speculating wildly in trying to figure out what’s wrong with Putin because it seems to me that something is wrong with him.

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Let’s speculate some more: let’s say that he is dying of Parkinson’s and taking steroids. Steroids make you more aggressive and if he knows that he is going to die slowly, he may be predisposed to trying out one of his smaller nukes of which she is fond.

He might drop one over Kyiv to destroy the city and shock the Ukrainians into submission and surrender. He might do this because in essence he’s losing the war. His war machine has been shown up to be ineffective and a World War II style army using out of date methods and logistics. It all looks very clunky. He may take some desperate steps to turn the tide.

If that happened what would the West do about it? What would NATO do? That is the $64,000 question. I won’t speculate on that.

What has this got to do with the animal-human relationship? Well, it’s pretty obvious really because if he does push the red button then a lot of animals and people are going to die and the minutiae of animal welfare which is discussed all the time becomes irrelevant.

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