Pen Farthing feeding stray dogs in Irpin, Ukraine during the war

Pen Farthing carrying dry dog food to stray dogs in Irpin, Ukraine during the war

Pen Farthing carrying dry dog food to stray dogs in Irpin, Ukraine during the war. Screenshot.

Pen Farthing is now in Ukraine feeding the animals. There is no keeping him down. You may remember him as the man who founded and ran an animal rescue centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. He managed to evacuate around 200 of his rescued animals from Kabul to the UK against all the odds after the Taliban took over the country. There is no keeping him out of the animal rescue limelight. He is a great man. Although he had some run-ins with the UK government which were well-publicised, he had one objective: to save the animals. Sometimes you have to push very hard to get the juggernaut of the British government moving. He forced a result and that is what you have to do sometimes to get a result in life.

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And here is in Ukraine in a devastated Irpin carrying a bag of what appears to be dry dog food along one of those roads littered with debris towards some stray dogs that are starving. It’s just amazing. There are very, very few people who do this sort of thing. The others of us, the ones who write about it like me or watch it like others, are nowhere near as good as this guy. He is at the sharp end. He is doing the work. He is taking risks in order to achieve results. He is the kind of guy who makes the world better. He needs all the praise in the world. As I said there are very few people like him.

Perhaps he does it also for himself because he needs to be at the sharp end and active as he was a former soldier. Perhaps he does this to help his mental health. I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. If it helps him and the animals at the same time, so much the better.

The actor and animal advocate Peter Egan retweeted this tweet. Peter Egan is another great guy who tirelessly fights for animal welfare. He appears to have dedicated his life to it after his acting career but perhaps I’m wrong in saying “after” his acting career because as far as I know he is still acting. Peter Egan is a well-known actor in the UK and perhaps worldwide.

Irpin is close to the capital, Kyiv, as you can see in the map below. Pen Farthing is there because the Russians have retreated and are now focusing on taking the Donbas region in the east.

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