If you think sheep are dumb, unthinking herd animals check out this video

Enlightening, no? Sheep can be like dogs. No doubt this sheep was raised with dogs but it goes to show that they are sentient animals with a mind. But we see them so mercilessly treated as commercial assets much like nuts-and-bolts that have been mass produced at factories. As livestock they are often treated as inanimate objects especially when shipped abroad in horrible lorries and ships. Many die. The public can start to believe the wrong things about sheep.

We can become indoctrinated into believing that sheep are indeed unthinking, dopey herd animals

Sheep ships carrying up to 111,000 sheep for 3-4 weeks are gross breaches of animal welfare

Humans put them through so much distress and pain often because we just don’t relate to them as animals with feelings. It is getting worse in some respects as the world human population grows rapidly. More mouths to feed. More animals to slaughter. More food pressure.

Take India for instance. It has just overtaken China as the world’s most populous country with 1.4 billion souls heading towards 1.7 billion in 2050 or faster? Two negative consequences: food insecurity. Can India feed itself? And wildlife conservation under increased pressure as humans push other animals off the planet in India. The great Project Tiger might struggle to be effective under human population pressure.

Sheep plays with three dogs
Sheep plays with three dogs. Screenshot.

Irresponsible dog ownership and breeding leads to big increase in sheep-worrying in UK

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