Hybrid wind-powered cargo ship is the beginning of net-zero international shipping

The Canopee, a hybrid cargo ship of the future

Shipping powered by diesel engines pollute the environment. This includes air pollution, water pollution and acoustic and oil pollution. It is said that ships are responsible for more than 18% of nitrogen oxides pollution and 3% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is said that this …

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Sheep ships carrying up to 111,000 sheep for 3-4 weeks are gross breaches of animal welfare

Penned sheep on a huge sheep ship journeying from Perth Australia to the Middle East

NEWS AND OPINION – PERTH, AUSTRALIA: This is another horror story about how humankind treats animals. Some people don’t care but I, for one, do. Massive livestock transport ships which I believe are owned by two companies: the Kuwaiti-owned Livestock Shipping Services and Rural Export …

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