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When is China going to compensate the world for starting Covid-19?

We have a report which establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Covid-19 started in China. Let’s sue for compensation.

Don’t you think it is time that the West started to enter into negotiations with China about compensation for allowing Covid to spread from animals to people at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan? What are we waiting for? I guess we are waiting for conclusive evidence that China is responsible for allowing the disease to spread from animals to people. Beijing will deny it. They will go on denying it forever. But the evidence mounts that the first people to contract the disease were either customers or workers at the above-referenced market.

Of course, China lacks transparency on this matter. They have done their best to hide information which would make them definitively culpable but bit by bit scientists in the West have built a case against them. I would like to believe it establishes the facts beyond a reasonable doubt.

The most recent research that I know of has been reported in the New York Post. They say that a new study finds that the Wuhan market is the likely origin source of Covid-19.

Wuhan market where Covid started

Wuhan market where Covid started. Photo: AP.

The picture illustrating their article is of bats in cages. It is another one of those horrific animal abuse pictures emanating from China. It is disgusting in its abuse of animals and it makes me sick to think about it. I won’t show it here. And it is through this careless abuse and of wild animals that the disease started in people.

In fact, they refer to a pair of studies that were released yesterday. Michael Worobey, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Arizona who is the lead author of both studies told the New York Times that: “When you look at all of the evidence together, it’s an extraordinarily clear picture that the pandemic started at the Huanan market.”

The study that the newspaper links to is called: SARS-CoV-2 emergence very likely resulted from at least two zoonotic events. The number of scientists involved is about 35. This is highly unusual for a scientific study. It is an 82-page report. It looks incredibly well prepared. It looks as if it is the definitive report on this matter as at the current date.

They say that the virus spilled over from animals into people working or shopping at the market. Interestingly, they did not find support for the alternative theory which is that the virus escaped from the bio lab in Wuhan. There are those who believe that the bio lab is the source and I recall a report on that topic been published not long ago.

If you are scientifically minded you might like to visit the website where the report is published by clicking on this link.

I don’t think that Beijing will ever admit to starting the disease. And therefore, we’re going to have to make a case for compensation based upon reports such as the one referred to above. In criminal cases the standard of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. You don’t have to have absolute proof.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the current report establishes that the virus started in this wet market in Wuhan ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. If a criminal lawyer could successfully argue that before a judge then I think the rest of the world should get together and make a formal claim for compensation in the trillions of dollars and they should press that case home as hard as they can. There may be a welcome spin off: preventing China from invading Taiwan. That’ll be the next invasion.

Why should people in the West and in other countries who have suffered both financially and in terms of their health and loss of life, meekly accept the gross negligence in China which resulted in this catastrophic pandemic?

The West should not be beholden to China because of their huge export of cheap products. The only reason why the rest of the world does not sue China for compensation is because they depend upon China to produce cheap goods to which the citizens of their countries are addicted. It is time to wean people off this addiction; to produce their own goods and for people to accept a higher price for these products. They can buy less of them in making an adjustment financially.

It’s time for a bit of ethics and integrity and decency and justice. Sue the f***k**s.

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2 thoughts on “When is China going to compensate the world for starting Covid-19?”

  1. Thank you for this Michael.. i agree wholeheartedly and have had this same thought from the beginning… when do we start to sue China for this horrendous debacle unleashed on the world.. and from their horrific live animal wet markets…. instead we live in an ever increasing insanity where we are not permitted to say ‘Chinese virus’…
    Thank you so much too for all of your wonderful articles that help educate and enlighten on behalf of the animals…

  2. Thanks for the support and agreeing with me. We are too fearful of upsetting China. We need greater integrity and commitment to do the right thing not the expedient or politically correct thing. China must be punished in either in monetary compensation from China to other countries or other financial benefits.

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