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Putin has threatened nuclear war twice. He needs to be removed.

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In the interests of everybody on the planet and all our animals and the wild animals of which we are guardians, Putin needs to be eliminated because he has threatened nuclear war twice. And he means it. There are some experts who feel that he could push the big red button and send nuclear missiles over to the USA and Ukraine. It is within his capabilities. And if he attacks a NATO country that’s a world war.

Update 4 days late: Headline Independent newspaper online: “A Russian businessman has placed a $1m bounty on Vladimir Putin’s head and urged the country’s military officers to bring the president to justice”. I am not the only one who wants to see the madman killed. This is a necessary assassination in the interests of world safety and the lives of thousands of people. And in a further update on March 5, I would include comments by a range of experts all of whom have concluded that Putin needs to be stopped. He’s going further and further down a path of destruction both for Ukraine and Russia. He is taking Russia back to the Iron Curtain days with heavy censorship of all media and the containment of citizens in which they are prevented to travel outside of the country. The battens are being hammered down.

On the first occasion about five days ago he said that if any NATO countries intervened on the ground in Ukraine, they would face retaliation which they had never seen before. That was by implication a threat that he would push that red button and send over nuclear missiles.


Putin. Photograph in the public domain.

And now, today, and as reported that he has told his generals to put their staff on high alert to be ready to fire nuclear missiles. His reasoning? NATO countries have been making aggressive statements against Russia. That’s his reasoning which clearly indicates the man is unstable, probably borderline mentally ill and he needs to be eliminated. He needs to be stopped. Some commenters say that he is taking steroids which may have destabilised him mentally. They base this on his puffed-up face. He is surrounded by a small coterie of generals and advisers who have been friends with him since his KGB days. They are yes-men with distorted views of the West.

A lot of people will agree with me. A lot of Russians will agree with me. This is Putin’s invasion and war. This is not desired by the people of Russia.

We can see him on video talking to a couple of dummy-like generals looking completely bemused. They are like a couple of waxworks from Madame Tussauds looking at him incredulity and nodding their heads like dashboard dogs when he tells them to prepare for the possibility of pushing that button to instigate nuclear war.

It sounds extraordinary. It sounds entirely unimaginable but it’s true. Putin is clearly enraged by the fact that his pathetic troops have failed to take the capital of Ukraine within a couple of days. There are some bad stories emanating from the news media about the Russian troops.

It is said that they are running out of fuel and getting lost. The Ukrainians in response have decided to remove all the road signs to ensure that they continue to be lost 👍. It is said that some Russian soldiers don’t want to shoot because they are not sure if they are shooting a Ukrainian or a Russian. And some soldiers don’t want to fight Russians. There are a large number of Russian people in Ukraine.

The war is not going as planned for Putin and so in desperation he escalates it to the ultimate level namely the possibility of using nuclear bombs. We hope that his behaviour will be his downfall. I hope that there is somebody in Russia who has a light bulb moment and who has the courage to do it: start a movement to remove him or just bloody well shoot the bastard. It would have to be one of his close advisers who suddenly realises that his life was in danger because if Putin does push the button, we are all going to hell in a hand cart.

The Times newspaper reports that defence sources have warned that the nuclear alert was intended as a direct threat to NATO countries. It’s a response they report to Britain, Germany and other countries announcing more military aid for Ukraine alongside further financial sanctions against Russia and Putin himself and his Foreign Minister.

The order means that Russia’s nuclear arsenal, which we know is the largest in the world, will be prepared to fire under the order of the president. The US and NATO condemned the order as unacceptable. That is an understatement. It is probably the biggest understatement ever stated.