Video: labradoodle rescued from growler on frozen Detroit River

Labradoodle rescued from frozen Detroit River
Labradoodle rescued from frozen Detroit River. Screenshot.

A ‘growler’ is suitably named in this instance and it means a small iceberg or fragment. Although this exhausted and frozen labradoodle (Lucy) had no energy left to growl. Although she resisted for a while the efforts of the rescuer to place a quick release dog grasper around her neck she gave in easily quite soon. There was nothing left in the tank and she no doubt instantly felt relieved to be rescued once she realised that the rescuers were friendly. It was tricky because it was so cold. The guy with the grasper was thoroughly well protected against the freezing water, which makes the sight of the dog all the more upsetting as he must have been hypothermic. Great job done. I love to see this sort of commitment to animal welfare. It is the emergencies which brings it out in people.

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