Retired man burned to death protecting his friend’s dog in the back of his car in the Hawaii wildfires

Trejos and Sam

You might have heard of the Hawaii wildfires. Specifically, they were on the island of Maui. They’ve claimed 96 lives so far. Jeff Bogar lived on the island. He is a retired Maui fire captain. His close friend was Franklin Trejos. All the accounts say …

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RSPCA ‘funny call-outs’

The 'dog' in question turned out to be a stuffed toy tiger that had been tied onto the bow of the boat

As you might expect, the RSPCA do, from time to time, receive some funny call-outs. They are funny but at the same time they take away a potential callout for a genuine incident where an animal needs their assistance. The RSPCA have released what they …

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Tornado survivor in Mayfield, Kentucky is overwhelmed when she finds her dog

Kentucky woman reunited with her dog after tornado rips through Mayfield

Dutch journalist, Lucas Waagmeester, captured some excellent video footage of a Mayfield, Kentucky woman being reunited with her dog, Nola, after she was lost during the devastating tornado which ripped up Mayfield and which devastated hundreds of miles of what is called Tornado Alley in …

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