Picture of a boy praying with his dog lifts the spirit

In a sombre world where many things are happening which can make us anxious and despondent such as the pandemic and the Ukraine war, we need this kind of photograph to lift our spirits and remind ourselves that there is a lot of good stuff out there. There are a lot of good people going about their business and lives.

The vast majority of people want to improve themselves and perhaps do something good for society from time to time. Yes, there are too many bad ones too unfortunately.

Photo of a dog praying with a boy
Photo of a dog praying with a boy. Image: Reddit.com.

There are also some wonderful human-to-animal relationships such as the close bond between this dog and boy.

The relationship is so close and mutually supportive that it seems certain that the dog has taken the lead from the boy and copied him when praying.

It is the purity of the relationship and the image which hits home. The innocence. The power of the image comes from its innocence.

I love the way the dog has his eyes closed and his head raised up to give us the distinct impression that he is praying. And praying in ernest.

I bet I can tell you what’s in the boy’s prayers. They ask almighty God to keep him and his dog safe and by his side for years to come.

He prays for his mom and dad, that no harm with come to them. And that at Christmas he’ll receive the bike that he so coveted.

Or perhaps the boy’s prayers are much simpler than that. Perhaps he is saying thanks to God for giving him all that he has including a wonderful canine companion who he loves more than anything else in the world.

Fleeting love and friendship between passing boy and dog on street

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