Dog owners with type II diabetic dogs are more likely to develop the disease themselves

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Obese dog

Comment: it doesn’t surprise me that in crude terms that if a person has type II diabetes that their dog might get it as well because the person might be lazy and eat the wrong diet. They therefore don’t exercise enough and neither does their dog. That makes sense. Their lifestyles are intertwined.

The interesting aspect of the study is that cats don’t have this connection in terms of both the cat and the owner getting type II diabetes. This is probably the case because people don’t go for walks with their cats. A cat lives a parallel but separate life to their owners. However, if an owner is overfeeding on a poor diet they may have a tendency to feed their cat too much so you would have thought that there might be a connection there but apparently not.

Also, you might have thought there’d be a connection between cats and their owners if their owners had normalised being overweight and therefore normalised their cat being overweight both of which can lead to type II diabetes. Once again the study appears not to have found a connection there.

It was suggested last year that Britain has a dog obesity epidemic with a surge in the number of dogs diagnosed with type II diabetes. The figures were shocking. The news media suggested that four out of every 1000 dogs in the UK had the condition. Whereas in 2014 3.4 dogs out of 1000 had the condition.

The research was led by the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Kennel Club. The research is published in the British Medical Journal and 175,000 dog owners were analysed.

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