Atlanta-based food writer has taken her knowledge of fine dining and made one hungry chipmunk very happy

COVID-19 has sidelined a lot of businesses this year, leaving people to find their own way to deal with what has for many become a new (and highly stressful) way of life.

chipmunk eating
Thelonious Munk enjoying a meal (Facebook: Angela Hansberger)

This holds true for Angela Hansberger. Angela is an Atlanta-based food writer whose career is suffering due to most restaurants being closed for the better part of 2020 due to the pandemic. So Angela came up with a diversion which has left one little chipmunk named Thelonious Munk very happy and at the same time has eased her own anxiety.

Angela has taken her knowledge of fine dining and put it to good use creating recipes such as imitation sushi with walnut wontons or tiny tortillas. A lot of the ingredients are harvested from her own garden.

Please note that sometimes videos fail to work over time. It’s out of my control and if it’s happened I apologise.

The meal for the day at ‘Chez Angela’ when Angela was interviewed by CBS News included mini spaghetti with tiny date meatballs with a side order of almond flour breadsticks. Theolonious must approve of the menu and service, as he shows up within seconds of food being set out. He even uses his cheeks as a ‘doggy bag’ to take leftovers home with him!

When asked by CBS about reviews at her “restaurant,” Angela said

The reviews have been great. One day he came up with this little tiny bundle – waded up leaves – and put it on the table. So, I take it to mean he brought a tip.

Angela confesses to having more videos of the little chipmunk than she has of her own children.


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