93-year-old man at care home meets the dog he gave up thanks to new owner

NEWS AND VIEWS: Alan Leak, who is now 93-years-of-age living in a care home, had to give up his dog, Cap, because he was too infirm and he went into a care home at that time. He used to be a farmer so life must be difficult as he is confined to a wheelchair.

Alan Cap and SallyAnn
Alan Cap and SallyAnn. Photo: SWNS.

When he gave up his dog, NHS nurse SallyAnn adopted him and she took Alan’s phone number. SallyAnn was particularly aware of the difficult restrictions placed upon people during the coronavirus pandemic and she realised that Alan must have been going through a difficult time so she decided to make a 600 mile round trip from her home in Marlborough, Wiltshire to Kendal, Cumbria where Alan now lives. She wanted Alan to enjoy Cap’s company once again.

She said:

He was so happy and Cap was too, I definitely think he remembered Alan, it seemed like they had an amazing bond. Cap spent the whole time nuzzling up while Alan gave him a stroke. It was a really emotional experience for us all.

Alan was able to be with Cap for an hour before SallyAnn had to return. As she left she held up Cap’s paw to wave goodbye and Alan broke down. She said it was utterly heart-breaking for her. Nonetheless, she’s delighted that it brought him some joy on that special day. She knows that he’s cooped up. You can feel the difficulties that he must be going through having lost his dog and his mobility. Well done to SallyAnn as its was a long drive with a one hour break in between. Maybe she’ll do it again! It is a big ask though because of the distance. Kendal is Tier 1 apparently so she complied with Covid-19 social distancing rules.

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