Animal rights campaigners protest outside Mick’s Grade A Meats

This is another vegan protest against meat eaters in which, it is reported, shoppers attacked the vegans at a meat market in Sheffield, UK. Vegan protests are increasing.

Blind protestor on floor. Screenshot.
Vegan protestors clash with shoppers and Mick’s Grade A Meats’ employee. Screenshot

The protesting group is called Direct Action Yorkshire which is an offshoot of an international campaign to promote veganism. They were protesting outside Mick’s Grade A Meats, one of at least six butchers operating at Moor Market in Sheffield. The butchers are known for their high quality produce.

Shoppers at the market said that they were defending local businesses and challenged the vegans. One of the activists was blind and there is an allegation that he was pushed over. He was wearing a vegan T-shirt and a video showed him struggling to get back onto his feet.

Blind protestor on floor. Screenshot.
Blind protestor on floor. Screenshot.

A police investigation concluded that there was no evidence to support an assault based upon examination of security camera footage. The case has been closed.

The man is 53 years of age and he did not sustain any injuries.

Belinda White, 48, was one of the protesters. She said that they had been shaken by the response of the shoppers.

“There’s a long strip of butchers at the Moor Market so it was a really good place to do a demonstration. The whole point is to go to places that normalise abuse, promotion and sale of beings.”

The shoppers jeered at the protesters and one market worker put his arm around an activist’s shoulders and another person shouted, “Get a job”.

Comment: you can see the polarisation of opinion between meat eaters and vegans in the UK. Plant-based foods are gaining traction. There is resistance from meat eaters. There is a greater awareness about animal welfare and the environment. Global warming has fostered these concerns.

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