A koala wanted to enjoy Christmas too

Koala in Christmas tree
Koala in Christmas tree. Photo: believed to be by 1300 KOALAZ rescue.

NEWS AND VIEWS: The McCormick family living in Adelaide, South Australia, returned home to find a koala in their Christmas tree. Sadly, he was trying to eat pieces of it but it’s made of plastic. Koala’s like to climb eucalyptus trees in the Australian outback. The Christmas tree wasn’t an ideal plant to climb. They knew something was wrong when they saw all the Christmas decorations on the floor. Then they saw the cutie stuck up the tree. The koala was tangled up in the lights and realised that the plastic leaves were inedible, thankfully.

When they called animal rescue they had to convince them that it wasn’t a hoax. 1300 KOALAZ said, “At first our call handler thought she was the victim of a prank call. But no, a koala desperate to get in the Christmas spirit had wandered into Amanda McCormick’s house and decided it wanted to be the fairy on the Christmas tree”.