Video of koala and joey being released after rescue

Koala and joey released back into the wild after rescue
Koala and joey released back into the wild after rescue. Screenshot.

She was so excited to get home that she completely forgot about her baby, couldn’t wait for the side to be opened and decided to climb out of the top instead.

The mother is Skye and the joey is Walker. Skye was very keen to get back up that tree and her joey followed although the tree trunk was a little wide. Nice video. It is nice to get up close to a koala and see them climbing. I think they were rescued after the terrible fires that were well publicised last year causing the death of many millions of native animals including koalas. There were some horrible images of burnt koalas. The temperatures this year are very high and there is a fear that there will be a repeat of those devastating fires. Some believe that Australia is reaping the consequences of climate change and the inability of the international community to curb greenhouse gas emissions. California, USA has suffered from similarily devastating wild fires and they too have been well documented and publicised in the news media.