Shaza Morani – a celebrity in India who supports animal welfare


Shaza Morani is the daughter of India’s renowned producer Karim Morani and his wife Zara Morani. Her sister, Zoa, is an actress in the Hindi film industry. She lives in Mumbai. One of her friends as a Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor who is also concerned about animal welfare. It’s great to see two beautiful women, both celebrities, concerned about something which is really important in the modern world: conservation of wild animals and animal welfare generally.

Shaza Morani. Photo: her Instagram page.

I just felt compelled to write a short note about Shaza. She clearly loves animals and lives with three dogs which you can see in the photograph above which comes from her Instagram account.

She made a film about the unconscionable nature of zoos and captive wild animals in general (click on the link above if you’d like to see it). Her friend Shraddha Kapoor provided the voice-over on her request. I thought that was nice teamwork. Zoos are anachronistic in the modern age. In my view they should all be closed and we should focus all our attention on wildlife conservation and domestic animal welfare. In other words we should be working on preserving the habitat of these animals rather than following a rearguard action in putting the remaining animals in zoos. That to me seems to be a recipe of failure. It is reactionary. We need to be proactively preventing the destruction of these animals through the destruction of their habitat and poaching et cetera.

I am sure that Shaza Morani would agree with me. The more people like her that we have on the planet the more chance we have of achieving the ideal that I have just referred to.


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