Wild fox sits patiently and enjoys the music of a guy playing guitar and singing

Wild fox enjoys the music of man sitting near by
Wild fox enjoys the music of man sitting near by

Wild fox enjoys the music of man sitting near by. Screenshot.

Perhaps the $64,000 question is whether the fox is enjoying the music or simply enjoying the company of this man. I suspect that this fox is slightly tame because he has become habituated to being around people and perhaps he has been fed by people and therefore he has an ulterior motive to sit there and wait for the possibility of being given some food. Perhaps I am being a little unkind to this fox but that is the kind of thing that would motivate a fox to sit rather than enjoying this man’s guitar playing and singing. The issue of animals enjoying or appreciating human made music is a whole new ball game. We don’t know if they do. Although I have seen farm animals gather around people making music so my guess is that they do hear music and have the ability to enjoy it. You can buy music for domestic cats to calm them down in stressful situations such as fireworks. Although the composers of cat music are probably applying a large dose of guesswork as to what cats like and it does not sound like human music.

Birds sing jazz for pleasure

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