Man throws left jab at seagull trying to get his prawns

Man throws left jab at approaching seagull who wants to steal his prawns

Man throws left jab at approaching seagull who wants to steal his prawns. Screenshot.

Seagulls are pretty bold at the seaside. I guess they are habituated to humans. There have been some examples of animal cruelty directed at seagulls which is unsurprising since the human and seagull are competitors in the sense of survival. I remember a tourist who was charged with animal cruelty when he killed a seagull who was trying to ‘steal’ a chip. I think the man strangled the seagull to death. You can’t do that and in fact if this man’s punch has caused serious injury and ultimately death, I think the bloke would be opening himself up to being charged under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 in the UK. The video was made in the UK.

One of the most disturbing images of seagulls that I have seen shows a mother feeding its offspring with plastic particles believing that it is food. I am sure both birds eventually died because their stomachs were full of plastic. Quite horrendous. An example of plastic pollution of the oceans which is catastrophic. David Attenborough highlighted the issues in one of his television series.

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