Video of orangutan confronting huge mechanical digger in deforestation Armageddon

Notice the man below the fallen tree trunk has a blow gun and he wants to dart the orangutan who is a pain in the arse nuisance in the destruction of yet more forest. The world is being denuded and has been for centuries which terminally destroys the habitat of the primate we see in the video and for millions of other species of animal and plant. All for wood to make toilet paper or furniture.

Deforestation also contributes to global warming too as trees soak up carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis. Plus, the forests are often burned which also pollutes the atmosphere as does the cattle with methane flatulence, which will graze on the cleared ground.

The video kind of encapsulates it all. All that is brutally wrong with humankinds stewardship of the planet. Well, you can’t call it stewardship. It’s the opposite: wanton destruction.

Humans are not ready to stop global warming. We don’t have the right attitude. It’ll be a while yet before we do. Climate change needs to get much worse before the mealy-mouthed politicians have the balls to lead us to a more stable and hopeful world. A world in which kids feel that they have a future. So many don’t at the moment which is why they are often stressed, self-harming and sometimes feeling suicidal. Shame on the grown-ups for creating such as depressing world for them.

In 2017, CNBC reported that “More than half of all apes, monkeys and other primates are at risk of extinction”.

Although there are many negative consequences of mass deforestation, in this article I will focus on the primates. Habitat loss and hunting including “other factors” have resulted in about 75% of the world’s primate species in decline according to a study dated 18th Jan 2017 entitled: “Impending extinction crisis of the world’s primates: why primates matter”.

About 60% of primate species are threatened with extinction and that it is at 2017. I am sure that the position has deteriorated since then. The study states that the catastrophe “is the result of escalating anthropogenic pressures on primates and their habitats – mainly global and local market demands”.

The word “anthropogenic” means human in scientific language. Deforestation is linked with large-scale cattle ranching, oil and gas drilling, mining, dam building and the construction of new roads and networks et cetera. All of it commercial human activities designed to make more money but destroy nature.

In addition to the above, other important factors in the deterioration of the survivability of primates on this planet include increased hunting for bush meat (yes, that means eating primates) and the illegal trade of primates as pets and primate body parts. In addition, there is of course climate change and diseases passed from humans to primates i.e. zoonotic diseases.

Often the places where primates live overlap extensively with locations where there is a rapid human population growth on, of course, continents such as Africa. All the more reason why human activity deteriorates the survivability of the primates and exacerbates the possibility of their extinction in the wild.

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