Video of man catching mud fish will fascinate and horrify equally

For me, this video is frankly disgusting. I hate it and can barely bring myself to watch it. It is just bloody horrible. These are fish living in clay-based mud. I am not an expert of these species, but it seems that these videos show two species of mud-dwelling freshwater fish: the mud carp and the lungfish. The video does not elucidate the point. I don’t know the exact species in this instance. The video is something out of a dystopian universe. The video reminds me of those futuristic films showing a destroyed planet where society has broken down and people are behaving in a mad way.

Man hunts mud fish
Man hunts mud fish. Screenshot.

This ‘fisherman’ hollers in delight when he thrusts his hand into a bloody big hole where there is a lungfish and tries to grab it. And then he finds another hole where there is large number of fish hiding in the mud. They pour out of the belly of the earth as if the guts of a man are spilling out after he has been slashed with a sword.

My imagination is running because the video does that to you. It doesn’t look like planet Earth but planet Zog. I feel sorry for the fish. I really do. Some mad fricking human hounding them and killing them by suffocation is intent of their destruction.

In one segment there is a fish (carp?) which appears to be on the verge of dying by suffocation. What does that feel like? Is the fish in pain and distress? This madman thinks not. He is treating the fish as nuts and bolts. To him they are not sentient beings. Just objects to harvest like corn.

But my research indicates that fish feel pain when they are caught and suffocate. You know those videos of tons and tons of ocean fish being caught. Well at the moment they are hauled onto the boat and splattered all over the deck they are all dying of suffocation. The fisherman just doesn’t get it. They do not equate that with pain.

Humans see fish an inanimate objects and not sentient beings. This seems to be bad thinking to me.


The lungfish is an amazing creature. You will find them on various continents such as Australia and Africa. They bury themselves in mud. The African lungfish secretes large quantities of mucus which hardens to form a cocoon in which the fish stays dormant for several months. The cocoon traps moisture and lets in air as the fish estivates (a prolonged state of dormancy). The lungfish metabolism slows down. It digests muscle in its tail to consume nutrients in order to stay alive. The African lungfish can survive for years beneath a very dry landscape.

Mud carp (dace)

This species of fish is found mainly in southern China and Vietnam. They have a broad distribution from the Mekong to the Pearl River Deltas. As its name implies it is found in the mud of freshwater rivers.

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