PETA praises King Charles’s stance on foie gras

NEWS AND COMMENT: Here’s a bit of good news for animal rights campaigners. King Charles III has publicly reaffirmed a ban on foie gras. In fact, he has been a long-standing opponent of foie gras for many, many years. As have millions of other people. This is because it’s cruel and, in my view, should be banned entirely.

The Royal household informed PETA in writing that foie gras was not bought or served in official Royal residences.

Foie gras
Foie gras. The Mulard duck is often the victim of animal cruelty in its production. Photo of duck: Atlasroutier – Own work on Wikipedia and of the foie gras: Charles Haynes from Bangalore, India also in Wikipedia.

It’s not clear but it seems that King Charles wrote to PETA or perhaps one of his assistants did to tell them that a foie gras ban is in place across the Royal Household and for all royal residences. This includes at Balmoral, Sandringham, Windsor Castle, Hillsborough Castle and Buckingham Palace.

The vice-president of PETA, Elisa Allen, welcomed the news saying that others should “follow the King’s lead and leave foie gras off the menu this Christmas and beyond”.

She said that: “Video of birds being painfully force-fed is enough to make anyone lose their lunch”. Foie gras has been described as “torture in a tin”. King Charles has been an advocate of higher welfare standards and farming for many years and before coming King he had banned the product in his own properties.

PETA has suggested that people use a product called “faux gras” meaning fake foie gras. This is a cruelty-free alternative, and they are sending some of it to the King in recognition of his “compassionate policy”.

There is a ban on foie gras production in the UK but there is no ban on the importation of the product into the UK and neither is there a ban on the sale of the product.

Next week there is a state visit, the first in the current King’s reign when he hosts a state banquet in Buckingham Palace for President Ramaphosa of South Africa. Foie gras will not be on the menu.

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