Unpopular shelter dog saves life of man who adopted her

Sadie and Brian Myers

Don’t judge a shelter dog by its cover. It is said that this unpopular shelter dog saved the life of the man who adopted her. Sadie, a six year old German shepherd had been ‘left on the shelf’ at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey. The staff feared that she would not be adopted. She was described as being ‘nervous and protective with new people’, particularly men.

Sadie and Brian Myers


Retiree, Brian Myers, 59, seems to have quickly developed a close bond with Sadie when he met her last September while recovering from Covid-19. He had taken her for a walk and played with her.

He adopted her. Sadie insisted on sleeping at the foot of his bed. Myers got the virus a second time in December and Sadie helped him recover.

In January he suffered a stroke and fell when going to the bathroom. Sadie helped him. She realised that Myers was in trouble, licked his face and helped him get to the phone where he requested an ambulance.

The stroke had apparently been brought on by the Covid-19. Doctors believe that Sadie saved his life as you have to act quickly to minimise damage.

Myers is recovering in hospital. Sadie and Myers face time daily and they are counting the days until they are together again.

A lot of people select dogs and cats by appearance mainly. It is the first criteria for the majority of people. It is a mistake. At the end of the day character is more important. Discover the animal’s character and learn to love her/him. The rewards are much bigger in the long term.