Thin beef steaks grown in labs available to diners by 2021

An Israeli company based in Rehovot, a city in the Central District of Israel, about 20 km south of Tel Aviv has developed thin beef steaks grown in the laboratory which they say will be available for diners by 2021.

Lab grown beef steak

Lab grown beef steak. Photo: Getty images.

The company is called Aleph Farms and it was founded two years ago. They say they are in discussions with top restaurants in the USA, Asia and Europe to provide its minute steaks grown from bovine cells.

It plans to fully release the product in 2023 and they will follow this up with a thick steak with “properties we like”.

Comment: I for one am particularly interested in ways and means to reduce and perhaps one day totally eliminate the need to kill animals for food. It’s both good for the animals and the climate because we know that cows produce lots of methane which damages the climate. That’s why I’m particularly interested in this sort of development.

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