Kim Basinger at an anti-dog meat rally in Seoul, Korea

The actress Kim Basinger joined animal-rights activists at an anti-dog meat protest in South Korea near the National Assembly in Seoul. There was a face-off between her and a protest by Korean farmers who raise dogs for their meat to be eaten at restaurants. They ate dog meat yards from the protesters.

Kim Bassinger at an anti-dog mean rally in South Korea
Kim Basinger at an anti-dog mean rally in South Korea. Photo: Reuters.

“They do not need your tears, they need your help. We have to end this cruelty on this planet. We have to help anything suffering.”

Dog farmer eating dog meat in S Korea
Dog farmer eating dog meat in S Korea

Protesters held placards which read, “How Many Millions Have To Die before Dog Meat Ends?”

The dog and cat meat market in Asia, in general, is hot news nowadays. I, for one, am thankful for that. The protests against it are hotting up and this is one example.

It’s a battle between the West and East, in truth. In Asia, many people believe that dog meat provides them with special powers such as enhancing their sexual stamina and this kind of mumbo-jumbo (it truly is supersitious claptrap and that point has to be made clearly and unflinchingly). It’s a culture which is hard to beat. It is the cause of millions of hours of suffering by dogs and cats. We mustn’t forget the domestic and stray cats who were also brutally killed for their meat. To Westerners the practice is barbaric. To Asians it is perfectly normal.

Farmers who protested against the anti-dog meat protesters brought steam dog meat with them and ate it with kimchi, was down with Fanta. That’s their protest but I have a strong feeling that they are losing the battle. I sincerely hope so.

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