Smokin the devil’s lettuce with the devil himself!

Smokin' the devil's lettuce with the devil himself

He is a Jacob sheep…he just gets the girls prego and looks good doing it lol – from the photographer. The title comes direct from Thanks. Nice one.

Smokin' the devil's lettuce with the devil himself

Smokin’ the devil’s lettuce with the devil himself. Photo: Reddit user: u/Odessa_Pearl

An amazing sheep. Looks a bit like the devil. I presume that the devil’s lettuce is weed or cannabis. Never tried it. Where I live, I always smell it in the air when walking through woodland and in parks where clearly a lot of people are puffing the stuff. It is very, very common in the UK and the police totally accept it despite being illegal. It’s been legalised by the coppers. On that basis it’d be far better if it was legalised and the supply controlled to ensure that it was not harmful. To an outsider to drug taking like me we are hearing that modern cannabis is much stronger than the earlier varieties. It can damage the brain. It should not be ignored by the police for that reason. It depends on the individual person’s brain as to how it is affected. It is considered harmless but it is not. Although it is no more harmful than alcohol and probably less harmful. That’s another reason for legalising it.

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