Sheriff’s dog dies hours after the sheriff

Midge and County Sheriff Dan McClelland

NEWS AND COMMENT: Dan McClelland was the sheriff in Geauga County, Ohio, USA for 13 years and in the police force for 44 years. He loved his job and he was the owner of the world’s smallest police dog a Chihuahua-terrier called Midge. Midge was better known in the county than him because everybody recognised Midge but not everybody recognised him. Midge joined the police force in 2006 and served the community for 10 years alongside her owner.

Midge and County Sheriff Dan McClelland

Midge and County Sheriff Dan McClelland. Photo: John Hoffart/AP.

Both retired in 2016 which surprised McClelland’s successor Scott Hillenbrand because he said: “He spent 44 years protecting people in this county and, quite frankly, he loved his job, every minute of it. I thought Id never retire.”

He retired to travel with his wife and his dog. He made the right choice because he died six years later at the age of 67 and Midge died hours later at the age of 16. They will be buried together. Perhaps Dan knew that he had cancer when he retired?

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Source: Sky News.