Venomous snake found in bag of supermarket lettuce

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, NEWS: A venomous snake has been found by a family in Sydney wriggling in their bag of supermarket lettuce. The snake was returned to its natural habitat more than 500 miles away according to a report in The Times newspaper by Bernard Lagan. This is near Toowoomba in Queensland where the lettuce was picked.

Lesley Kuhn posted a picture on social media to warn shoppers that her son had found the reptile while preparing dinner! She said that her son found a baby pale-headed snake in his lettuce from Aldi and asked people to check their lettuce packages carefully.

Wildlife officers retrieved the snake and Kuhn’s son, Alexander White ate his salad. He told Guardian Australia that he had to wash off snake poop before he ate it.

Snake in salad
Snake in salad. Photo: Instagram.
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