Sheep took cover at bus stop as storm Dudley threatened Britain

As the Twitter post says, there is a whiff of Damien Hirst about this picture. This is a reference to the shark in formaldehyde artwork and other animals that the artist Damien Hirst created some years ago.

Sheep take shelter at bus stop from UK storms
Sheep take shelter at bus stop from UK storms. Photo: Twitter.

Britain is currently going through a couple of storms. We’ve just had storm Dudley and now we are going through storm Eunice. The latter has been described by the Met office as rare because the winds might reach 90 or even 100 mph which can threaten life. The worst of it will occur over the south-west of England.

There is a Twitter picture on the Internet which has gone viral of five sheep taking shelter in a glass-panelled bus stop. I think the picture was taken in Wales but I could be wrong. They were sheltering from storm Dudley.

As I write this, storm Eunice is raging across the south-west of England. I live in the south-east and the winds here are no more than about 25-30 mph at present. The forecast was that they would be up to 80 mph but I am hopeful that I will escape those. The worry that I have is that the storm will cause damage to my home although this is unlikely.

The picture indicates to me that sheep are not as stupid as some people think they are. They come off the damp and windy hills into the valley, across a main road and under the bus shelter for some protection against the driving rain and wind. That looks fairly smart to me.

I wonder if they would move out of the shelter if somebody came along to use it? They probably would. If I was going to use that shelter, I would probably stand about 20 yards away from it to ensure that they could continue to enjoy its comforts 😊. But that is just me.

And it looks as if somebody is going to have to clear up some mess afterwards.

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