Man picks up swan from sidewalk on bridge and carries it 80 yds to the river

It is unusual for a person to pick up a swan and carry it about 80 yards to the river. This swan was on the sidewalk (pavement in the UK) on a bridge over a river where there were a gaggle of swans. He decided that the swan needed rescuing which was brave as a lot of people are scared of swans as they can a be defensively aggressive and bite. But he was fine. The swan cooperated.

Unusual for a person to pick up a swan on a bridge and carry it about 80 yards to the river

Unusual for a person to pick up a swan on a bridge and carry it about 80 yards to the river. Screenshot.

However, do you think the swan needed to be rescued? Probably not, in truth. I think he was concerned that the swan was in jeopardy of being hit by traffic. However, my experience of swans (not a lot ?) is that they are often near traffic but are never involved in an accident. I see them in Barnes, London. There is a nice pond there near plenty of traffic. I’ve seen swans sit down and snooze within a few yards of a queue of traffic. No problem.

@meishaguest_ This man needs an OBE? WE MUST FIND HIM !! rescuing one of Queen Lizzies pets…. ? bravo ?? #leicestercity #leicester #findhim #taghim #fypシ #fyp #queenelizabeth #MyBrawlSuper #swan ♬ Mesmerised – Bru-C

Note: This is a video from another website which is embedded here. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Still, it was a cool rescue. He is a good guy although he could pull up his trousers ?. I know I am old-fashioned but I don’t dig this fashion (now passé) of wearing trousers half way down the backside. A lot of guys of colour like to do this as they seem to think it is cool.

His girlfriend was watching and applauding. And perhaps another friend videoed the whole thing. That is what the whole thing is about. I will be a cynical old man and state with some confidence that the rescuer did the rescue for the sole purpose of creating a watchable video on social media. A lot of men do this. This video is genuine in that the swan might have been vulnerable to traffic but in some YouTube videos people were placing kittens, cats and puppies in dangerous situations with the intention of videoing the rescue. Shameful. I think the YouTube administrators cottoned on after people like me flagged up the problem.

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