Man tenderly releases wild horse from barbed wire and helps her to recover

This is both a difficult video to watch because the horse is trapped in barbed wire but at the same time it is inspirational and pleasant to watch because the man, with tenderness and respect for the horse, releases her and helps her to recover the use of her right hind leg. It appears that she had been trapped in this fence for some time and her right hind leg, as I understand it went to sleep. When she tried to get up in the first instance she failed. As she lay on the ground recovering the man comforted her and gave her time to regain the use of her leg. And the horse accepted this tender loving care, I guess because she understood that the man was friendly and trying to help. It is a good example of excellent an human-to-animal interaction.

Man releases wild horse from barbed wire and helps her to recover
Man releases wild horse from barbed wire and helps her to recover. Screenshot.

The only difficulty that remains is that that barbed wire shouldn’t have been there in an ideal world. One commenter on the YouTube version of this video asked whether the horse was on the man’s farm and if she was could he please remove the barbed wire. A lady also commented. She was raised on a farm and said that she hated barbed wire.

Guy Is So Gentle With The Wild Horse He Rescued

This wild horse let her rescuer pet her until she felt strong again 💗

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, September 16, 2019

We don’t see it in the video but this horse must have suffered injury because of the barbed wire. An injury which didn’t stop her running and we presume she recovered of her own accord.

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