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NEWS AND COMMENT: For the record, Roman Abramovich has a pet corgi ostensibly worth around £950. The way that the Daily Mail report is written, it indicates that this is his sole companion animal. And the value is the price of the corgi. He was spotted walking around the Isle of Arran with his corgi and some rich buddies. The media state that they are bodyguards but they are not. They’re his mates travelling with him on his yacht. Perhaps they double up as bodyguards.

Roman Abramovich and his corgi plus his rich pals who stopped off on the Isle of Arran having taken a launch from his superyacht the Eclipse
Roman Abramovich and his corgi plus his rich pals who stopped off on the Isle of Arran having taken a launch from his superyacht the Eclipse. Picture: SWNS.

These are his friends going back years, I suspect, with whom he has become very rich. The Daily Mail state that he is worth £5.5 billion but most reports that I have read claim that he is worth around £13 billion.

He was walking around the Isle of Arran because he had parked up his superyacht, the Eclipse, offshore which is worth around £330 million. He was brought ashore in a modest 20-foot launch. He was enjoying a break in Scotland with his family and friends.

He’s in the news as you know because his assets have been frozen and, in effect, his football club, Chelsea, has been taken from him by the UK government. He can’t sell Chelsea FC but when it is sold under licence the proceeds will not go to him.

He has put £1.5 billion into Chelsea FC which in effect is a very large loan to himself as he owns the club. He wants around £3 billion for it and it was reported that he had found a couple of plausible buyers before the sale was halted by the UK government.

From the picture of Abramovich and is pet corgi we can logically deduce that he prefers dogs to cats. And he likes small dogs. I would have thought that a cat companion would have been really nice on his 557-foot superyacht. It would have been a nice home for a full-time indoor cat. Perhaps he has a cat. Perhaps his wife likes cats.

Correction, he divorced his third wife in 2017 😒. Her name is Dasha Zhukova. I don’t think that Roman Abramovich is currently married to a fourth wife. And therefore, it is probable that he only has one companion animal, the corgi.

It is topical to note that there are claims and accusations that a steel company that he owns in Russia is and has provided steel to the Russian government for the manufacture of tanks which are being used in Ukraine in the invasion instigated by Putin. It’s pretty clear that Putin personally instigated this invasion and pulled the wool over the eyes of his advisers and cabinet members and also it should be said the young Russian conscripts were being killed. They thought that they were on a training mission and they’ve been indoctrinated with the idea that Ukrainians are fascists and a danger to Russia.

Ukrainians are democracy-loving, sensible individuals who want to be left alone. Putin likes to create a reason for his invasion. In fact, he has to create a reason and he’s constantly lying in order to justify his criminality and mass murder.

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