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Loyal Labrador saves lost woman with dementia

Max, a black Labrador who saved the life of his female owner who became last due to her dementia when she fell

NEWS AND COMMENT-HARRIS COUNTY, USA: On May 3, Sherry Noppe and her black Labrador, Max, went for an afternoon walk in a large, wooded park at the edge of Katy, near Houston. She deviated from the track and unfortunately fell into a thicket. She lay on the ground in this dense, marshy ticket and became lost. She had recently been diagnosed with dementia and had gone for the walk without her mobile phone. She couldn’t call for help.

Max, a black Labrador who saved the life of his female owner who became last due to her dementia when she fell

Max. Photo by Courtney Noppe, Sherry’s daughter.

The next day, the search for her began. Security cameras showed Noppe and Max on a road on the edge of the woods. The search was suspended the following afternoon because of a storm. Although volunteers kept on looking.

Tracking dogs had picked up a scent. A helicopter had been sent to try to spot her. On May 6th at about 3 AM the search party turned off their all-terrain vehicles and heard a faint bark.

Max had stayed with her for three days. He stayed by her side. He had no leash and no collar but through his loyalty he remained with her and barked until he was heard.

Max was taken to a veterinarian for a quick checkup and given a bath. It is a story which highlights the loyalty of a dog for their human caregiver. A nice one. Noppe was not seriously injured and Max was in good condition. She was found in George Bush Park.

The Harris County Police Department notified the world via Twitter in Constable Ted Heap’s tweet.

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