Louisa Connolly-Burnham befriends a fox and she loves the relationship

NEWS AND COMMENT-LONDON, UK: Louisa Connolly-Burnham is an actress who has featured in hit shows such as Call the Midwife. She has a successful TikTok channel about a female fox she calls Phil who she has befriended. The friendship struck up pretty easily as the fox approached her. At the time, she was young and hungry. Louisa lives in rented accommodation and her agreement forbids dogs. She says that befriending a fox gets around the restriction very nicely.

Louisa and her fox. The photograph is by Louisa.
Louisa and her fox. The photograph is by Louisa.

Speaking to MyLondon she said: “She turned up about a year ago – I wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and she was just sitting there staring at me. She scared me half to death actually. She was clearly young and very skinny so I gave her some chicken and water and she’s come back every day since basically.”

She says that she is very emotionally connected to her fox. She made a bed for her which she uses. Her fox visits regularly and their relationship has become playful. Phil is relaxed with her and likes to play with her. After her supper she likes to sleep in her bed outside the kitchen.

The daily fox visits are the best part of a day she said. She remarked: “I feel very emotionally connected to her which probably makes me sound nuts but ahh well. I’m not allowed a dog as I’m renting so I sort of feel like I’ve cheated the system by making friends with a cheeky little fluffy orange street dog instead. I love her very much and hope she visits forever [and] moves in with her babies.”

My experience with a fox

Years ago, I had a similar experience with a fox as the video below shows. At the time I was living in a flat near Barnes, London. I fed this fox four months with a homeopathic treatment which got rid of her mange. I know quite a lot about boxes and befriending them. That is why the story about Louisa Connolly-Burnham appealed to me. I can see similarities in my story to hers.

Interacting With A Wild Fox
My Friendly Urban Fox

Foxes polarise people. Some people hate them and other people like me and Louisa love them. I can’t see what there is to hate about foxes. I have always had an excellent relationship with them. Although when I feed them, I do so carefully and surreptitiously because I am aware that neighbours sometimes don’t like them.

Cure for fox mange. Arenicum & Sulphur 30c
Cure for fox mange. Arenicum & Sulphur 30c. Photo: MikeB

The most important aspect of a human-to-Fox relationship is mange. They often suffer from mange in the UK and I feel that humans have an obligation to cure if they can. It is possible. The homeopathic medicine which I discuss on this website literally cures mange.

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You place it on their food and do so consistently over a period of about a month or two and you will see great improvements. Mange is very uncomfortable to a fox. Mites burrow under their skin causing great irritation. It is wonderful to see their fur growing back and happiness coming back into their lives. Try it. I highly recommend doing this.

Below are some more pages on foxes.

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