Can you own an otter in Ohio?

Yes, a citizen of Ohio can legally own an otter. This is because this wild species is not listed as a ‘dangerous wild animal’ under Section 935.01 ‘Definitions’ of the Dangerous Wild Animals and Restricted Snakes legislation. Of course, this also means that organisations such as circuses and sanctuaries can also own an otter. A veterinarian can be in possession of an otter for treatment, for example.

Otter. Pic in the public domain.

Pet otters are quite popular in various parts of the world particularly Asia where there is a bit of a craze. I have an article on looking after a pet otter (see below). In my opinion, there are a few reasons why you should not acquire an otter as a pet.

Asians should realise that otters are highly unsuitable as pets

In summary, the first problem is that otter pups are taken from the wild, from their mothers to supply baby otters for adoption. Not a good thing. It is against conservation as the parents are often shoot after their pups have been taken from them. That’s what I read on the Internet.

The general stance of individuals living anywhere in the world today regarding wildlife conservation is to leave wild animals alone in their own habitat. And protect their habitat. People need to give them space to be themselves and to express their natural desires and activities. This is respecting the planet and the other sentient beings with whom we share the Earth.

Human should not want to possess every cute and cuddly thing in a self-indulgent way. Just leave them alone. That is my opinion. I am sure a lot of people will have a different opinion and may be annoyed by what I say but that’s my viewpoint.

Pet river otter clings onto human companion’s arm after a swim

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