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Are you like me? Do you hate to see foxes with mange? Foxes polarise people. Many people hate them and treat them as pests and other people like me love them. We see them as vulnerable animals partly because some people hate them. I can’t understand why people hate them. They live a difficult life often in the human urban environment. That certainly applies to the UK.

Cure for fox mange. Arenicum & Sulphur 30c
Cure for fox mange. Arenicum & Sulphur 30c. Photo: MikeB

And they get mange a lot. It ruins their beautiful tails and it can spread all over their body causing intense itching. But there’s a free and guaranteed cure. I’ve used it many times.

I just seen the fox that I have cured walk past at the back of my garden this morning. His tail was badly affected by mange and this morning it isn’t. I have been adding a homeopathic medicine to his food which I provide him every day. It is this homeopathic treatment which has cured his mange. I have used it before and it has worked well before. I can guarantee that it will work.

It is called Arsenicum and Sulphur 30c. In the UK it is provided free of charge by the National Fox Welfare Society. They have a website. When I request it from them, I donate £10. They like to receive donations for obvious reasons.

Please do this if you love foxes like I do. It’s very simple. You provide them with a bit of dog food and some sweet food like biscuits. I give them a couple of miniature jammy dodgers and some dog biscuits too. They have a sweet tooth. You can please them at the same time as cure their mange.

You don’t have to feed them much, just enough to keep their body weight up and help them cure themselves. To help them maintain their health.

Fox mange is actually sarcoptic mange. It is caused by a mite which burrows into the skin causing intense itching. Foxes scratch themselves to alleviate the itching which makes things last worse. They self-mutilate which causes secondary bacterial infections. The parasite that causes this is the Sarcoptes scabei mite. It’s a bloody awful little creature. It’s another reason why I’m so tender towards foxes because they are in continual distress with this horrible little parasite taking residence in their skin.

Try this homeopathic treatment; please. It works great.

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