Karma: mortally wounded bear crushes head of Russian hunter who shot him

Personally, I like a bit of karma that favours the animal; particularly when it is a sport hunter who gets it. They have it coming to them. Sport hunting should be entirely banned throughout the planet but humankind is a long way from being that civilised. Bearing in mind the conservation crisis of iconic species like the lion and tiger it surprises me that killing them for the fun of it is still allowed. There are two players: the immoral shooters and the corrupt officials. They facilitate this mindless cruelty.

I wanted to find out how many sport hunters have been killed by the animal they targeted. My internet search proved to be a failure. There are no such records. It must happen from time to time. No human should gain pleasure from the suffering of another sentient being. It is inherently very immoral. The sport hunters never see it that way. They always say that what they do aids conservation which is pure baloney. It is trying to justify the unjustifiable. These are wealthy but ignorant people.

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